The funny thing is, coaching actually works.

Amber - We are back together.

My husband and I recently went through a rough patch in our relationship, so rough that he left. Michelle worked with us individually to help us develop understanding of one another as well as change our thought processes and behaviour patterns to enable us to reconnect. We had a lot of homework to do but the strategies were super effective and worked really quickly and within 6 weeks he was home and our relationship went from total collapse to us being connected on a level we never had been. We apply our new knowledge to all aspects of our life and continue to build on what we learned from working with Michelle and get better every day. We both loved working with Michelle and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a great ear to talk to and she pinpointed exactly what we needed to work on very quickly and held us accountable for making the necessary changes. Coaching with Michelle is the best thing we have ever done for us.

David Pandetta - Sydney

I was having difficulty with one particular family member, even though I loved them very much. I was recommended to Michelle through a friend who is related to her, and I was initially very resistant to the idea of coaching with her. I was nervous as I thought that it might be invasive, but it was not. I was also concerned that it wouldn’t work and that my problem would never get resolved.

I spent one hour on Skype with Michelle, and in that time developed an understanding of why I was having problems. I really expected Michelle to keep me coming back for more coaching, which is another reason I was apprehensive, but one session did it and my family member and I are now on good terms. For any other man out there needing help, get some coaching with Michelle. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get results.


‘My relationship was very near breaking point. With Michelle’s experience and strategies I was able to gain invaluable insight into the dynamics of my relationship and how I was contributing to the situation. Through this fresh perspective I was able to adjust how I was approaching the relationship, and through my changes, a lasting, positive ripple effect has occurred. Our relationship no longer escalates to destructive levels as we have each obtained a greater understanding of the other. So...a big heart-felt thank you to Michelle for her ability to listen, to offer objective perspective, and then suggest effective strategies that actually worked. After 3 years of different counselors it was great to be able to learn ‘results focused solutions’ to achieve much needed change.’

Rosanne P. (Teacher, Melbourne)

As a more mature person I needed some help to find a partner. The dating scene has changed since I was in it last and I was very nervous about starting again. I needed a plan of action so that I could take steps forward and also so that I could feel good with each step I took. Michelle helped me to really see this as a journey instead of hard work. I was told it was OK to make mistakes and to use dating as practice. She also helped me work out the key things I should be looking for in a potential partner, which made me feel more confident. The journey started 1 week ago and I’m feeling good about it.

Feedback - Thank you Michelle! I have met a new partner and we have been in a relationship for almost 3 months. Your help was invaluable. Rosanne x

Carey and John, Melbourne

We came to Michelle as a separated couple, the separation shroud in mystery of ‘why’ and ‘how’ could a beautiful couple let a separation happen….again. When we came to Michelle we were both tired. Tired of failing in relationship, tired of not being enough as we are, and tired of the break-up pattern. We were confused and all but soul destroyed when we met Michelle. Add to this the complexity of an interstate long-distance relationship, a major health crisis leading to a loss of work, a centurion mother and a blended family unit, it was complicated.

Michelle didn’t give up on us. She conducted separate sessions with us and wisely, kindly and astutely gave us the insight needed to look deeply at behaviours and the differences in male and female needs. We began to re-connect with one another slowly, and allowed our heart to guide us back to a trusting, stable, compassionate love.

It takes time to reconcile and in the beginning, there were a few fleeting moments when an old pattern would surface but we now have the tools to swiftly manage reactions and remain happily anchored in the present. We are now living together in a beautiful home and feeling very blessed to be together.

Michelle is a wonderful relationship therapist who really did put her heart and soul into guiding us back to love. We are beyond grateful to have found her.